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Home Page for Health, Environment & Work Occupational Health MCQ No1 - Answers

Solution To Specimen Occupational Health Multiple Choice Questions (for undergraduates)

This page consists of the answers to the MCQs on the previous page.

1. "Exposure" to occupational hazards:

(a) varies with individual susceptibility to the harmful effects of the hazardous agents 

FALSE: Exposure is a measurement, (usually quantitative) of the extent to which the individual comes in contact with a concentration/intensity of hazard over time. Susceptibility may influence the extent to which that exposure results in ill-health. 

(b) may be measured or assessed by an occupational hygienist 

TRUE: An occupational hygienist is a professional person who has a specific remit to measure exposure using skills and equipment, although other health professionals e.g. occupational physicians also have a role in this. 

(c) is most reliably measured by placing personal sampling devices on the worker while at work 

TRUE: It is possible to assess noise, dust, vapour, radiation etc through the use of devices which measure personal exposure,and which give a much more representative measure than background monitoring. 

(d) will result in irreversible effects on health if the legal occupational exposure limit is exceeded 

FALSE: See Occupational Exposure Limits 

(e) at levels below the legal occupational exposure limit cannot result in adverse health effects

FALSE: See Occupational Exposure Limits

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