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Occupational Ill-Health in the Modern World


This page is an introduction to the magnitude of Occupational Ill-Health in the Modern World, with special reference to Britain. After having worked through it and the linked pages which follow, you should have an outline understanding of the extent of work-related ill-health in Britain today. 

Consider the adult population

  • What proportion would perceive that in the previous year they have suffered from a work-related illness ('caused or made worse by work') .... 0.1%, 1%, 10% ? 
  • In terms of prevalent numbers of cases, how many would you reckon these to be? 
  • Out of these, what proportion would the sufferers consider to have been directly caused by work, and what proportion simply made worse by it? 
  • What disease/ ill-health categories do you believe would have been ranked highest?
Try to guess or estimate your answers to these questions, and then move on to the next page