Philippe Villiers de l'Isle-Adam:  (1521) -1534
Pierino del Ponte:  1534 - 1535
Didier de Sainte-Jalle:  (1535 - 1536)
Juan de Homedes:  1536 - 1553
Claude de la Sengle:  1553 - 1557
Jean Parisot de la Vallette:  1557 - 1568
Pietro del Monte:  1568 - (1572)

(years in brackets excluded)

Birgu - War Damage Commission acknowledgement slips
The post war period:

Since massive devastation was left throughout Birgu as a result of enemy air raids a large scale reconstruction was needed following the war. This was resourced by the War Damage Commission. 

The image on the left shows acknowledgements by the War Damage Commission of receipt of notifications of war damage in various streets in Vittoriosa (Birgu). 

A great deal of the post-war rebuilding was unfortunately aesthetically unsound. More recently greater care has tended to be invested (with some sad exceptions) in the conservation and development of Birgu.


The future:

Birgu is going through a resurgence. The Local Council is very active in promoting it.

A number of public and private regeneration initiatives (though not all of equal aesthetic value) are happening mainly along the waterfront.

Within Birgu itself, it is hoped that the rebuilding of  the clock tower in Misrah ir-Rebha (VictorySquare) will become a reality rather than remain an aspiration

There is other development close by, notably the SmartCity project as announced by the Government.


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For a comprehensive account of Birgu's history please refer to books which are reviewed on a
separate page

However for those who prefer an account online which is much longer than that on this page, probably the most detailed historical source can be found on the Birgu Local Council website.


Scholarly articles available online relating to Birgu's history:

Melita Historica is unavailable online at the time of writing.

Google Scholar: Birgu, Vittoriosa, both keywords